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Easy Garden Design with Drought Proof Plants

Few plant varieties create big impact in this sun loving perennial border

Here’s a simple and EASY Garden Design idea using sun loving drought proof plants that look attractive throughout the growing season.

This garden landscape uses only a few type of plants.  Ornamental Grasses (Miscanthus) create a hedge effect by add height and interest in the background. Sedum Autumn Joy provides midsize interest while the bed is edged in ground cover Sedum.

This island bed requires low water and little maintenance while creating a welcoming entryway and some privacy from a busy and noisy road.

By late summer, Autumn Joy Sedum will be bursting with color while the ornamental grasses develop showy plumes that last well into fall.  Both plants add wonderful interest to the winter garden.

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Viburnums – Versatile Deer Proof Flowering Shrub

Viburnum Mohawk tolerates pollution,road salt, high winds, humidity and is never the worse for wear

Clove scented spring flowering blooms

Viburnum Mohawk is a favorite low maintenance shrub.  I have been growing this spring flowering shrub for a few years now . I love how it looks  both in and out of bloom and how easy they are to grow. Viburnums are widely adaptable to  a wide variety of conditions – even alkaline soil. The only thing I do for maintenance is prune to shape (I’ll prune the lower branches so I can plant ground covers beneath)

Facts on Viburnum Mohawk:

  • Grows 8 feet tall by 10 feet wide
  • Fragrant flowers in spring
  • Fantastic fall color
  • Ideal Hedge Plant
  • Resistant to diseases
  • Stays handsome through the season
  • Spicy clove fragrant flowers
  • Berries in summer to attract songbirds
  • Adaptable to wind, salt spray, pollution, high humidity
  • Deer Proof
  • Drought Proof once established
  • Easy Care
  • Grows in Part Shade to Shade

Use Viburnum in the back of a perennial border, as a Hedge Plant or in a Foundation planting.  This easy care flowering shrub is a terrific fit for any garden.

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Hydrangea Growing Tips For Hot Climates

Hydrangea garden in southern California

Can you grow Hydrangeas in southern California?  We received this beautiful picture of a glorious Hydrangea garden from one of our customers (Pat from southern California). Pat not only has a beautiful garden but shares a few helpful growing tips about gardening with Hydrangeas in a desert climate of southern California.

As you can see I LOVE hydrangeas. I currently have about 250+ plants. I was so happy to add some new varieties from your collection and am anxiously awaiting their arrival. It would be an honor to have you use the photo in your blog–even if it definitely shows my hydrangea addiction. The most important hint I have, especially for this area, is to water them everyday in the summer months. Shade also is very important to protect them from the 100++ degree temperatures we often have.”

Thank you Pat for your inspiration!  Have some gardening tips & pictures you would like to share?  Send them to   We love to inspire other gardeners!

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