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Top Groundcover I Can’t Live Without -Geranium Rozanne

Rozanne Geranium is a terrific groundcover that will weave in between and around other plants

What apps are to computers, Geranium Rozanne is to the perennial  garden– functional, fulfilling and a fast growing groundcover I can’t live without.

I’ve grown tons of varieties of hardy geraniums over the years – some really terrific ones, but like an app, Geranium Rozanne just does something more for me in the landscape that no other geranium does equally as well.

Meandering Spirit – Spreading clumps fill in fast and weave here and there but never overly  ambitious or that would require extra work on my part.   I like to plant it where it can meander around spiked  or small shrubs  shrubs (I’m going to try it beneath Barberry Gold Pillar this year )

Carefree Color – Five-petaled saucer-shape blue flowers boast  blue-lavender blooms for over 12 weeks  and it doesn’t need to be deadheaded to continue blooming!  Rozanne geranium defies the early fall frost here in Zone 5 and just keeps blooming –  something you don’t see in most hardy geraniums. The foliage takes on a reddish tinge  in the fall, so there is even something more to enjoy!

Heat Tolerance – This award winning sun perennial groundcover is HIGHLY Heat Tolerant  – not something hardy geraniums are known for.

What it Loves – Rozanne Geranium thrives in a moist, moderately fertile, well drained soil in full sun to light shade.

Garden Staple – Rozanne Geranium works so well in lots of settings. It combines beautifully with another colorful, carefree and heat tolerant groundcover – Coreopsis Creme Brule!  This groundcover is to perennial gardening  like khaki

Rozanne Geranium & Creme Brule Coreopsis pair well as heat tolerant groundcovers

pants & blue denim are to weekend summer wear.

Flower power, ease of growing, fast growing habit and tons of combination possibilities make Geranium Rozanne my all-time favorite sun loving perennial groundcover.  Its’ like having a great app!

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