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England, Wisley and Tall Phlox

I just returned from a fun-filled 10-day trip to England with good friends

Phlox paniculata, Tall Phlox, Garden Phlox

This white tall phlox is nestled in the middle of this perennial border at Wisley

Debbie, Jayne & Barb.  We all work in the horticulture industry, so as plants people & adventurers we decided to fill 6 days with visiting & photographing gardens with the balance of our time touring London & other points of interest.  It was the perfect balance.

Our first step was to Wisley, the flagship garden of the Royal Horticultural Society located south of London.  Wisley boasts a large & diverse plant collection, extensive trial gardens along with some pretty fascinating structures.  We were all blown away by the immense herbaceous & woody border which still boasts lots of color in early August.

Tall phlox or Phlox paniculata were in peak bloom. I wish I could have bottled the delightful perfume of this fragrant plant.  My grandmother grew a variety of phlox in her well-manicured perennial garden which added height, color & interest in the waning days of summer.

A number of assorted varieties and colors were placed judiciously in the middle of the border and combined well with neighboring plants.  A white phlox I’m particularly fond of is Phlox David which has highly mildew resistant foliage & can grow up to 40″ tall.  My previous garden had a lot of shade and I found my phlox bloomed very well with 3-4 hours of afternoon sun.

More to follow on this fascinating trip as I sift through images & notes

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