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No More Nosy Neighbors – Fastest Growing Hedge Plant

As more people are moving into houses with smaller lots and closer neighbors, they’re looking for the fastest growing hedge plant that can be used to create “instant” privacy.

Thuja Green Giant & Knock Out Roses

Thuja Green Giant & Knock Out Roses

Thuja Green Giant is your fast-growing answer! I’ve traveled the country and this new hybrid was introduced to American gardeners about 15 years ago (that’s still “new” for a conifer) from the National Arboretum in Washington, D.C.

Green Giant is a hybrid that grows an amazing 3’ PER YEAR once it becomes established. The trick is maximizing this fast growth rate. Here’s the secret: every April 15th (the dreaded tax day) I fertilize with 2-3 tablespoons of Osmocote slow-release fertilizer scratched into the top 2 inches of soil at the base of each plant. Then, water at least 1” per week from spring thru late fall. This guarantees you’ll see rapid growth of 3’ or more per year.

Fast Growing Privacy Hedge Plant - Thuja Green Giant

Fast Growing Privacy Hedge Plant - Thuja Green Giant

Can you PRUNE Green Giant Thuja? Absolutely! If left unpruned, Thuja Green Giant will form a graceful pyramidal shape 8’ wide and 40’ tall. They respond wonderfully to pruning in early summer (after they’ve had their spring flush) and I’ve seen them planted a mere 18” apart and kept to a tight 6’ tall around a formal rose garden.

Thuja Green Giant is extremely versatile and thrives in sandy or clay soil. I’ve seen it growing in hot/steamy Atlanta, Georgia all the way up into our location here in Western Michigan!

You can’t ask for a better fast-growing privacy Hedge Plant than Thuja Green Giant. Also, try planting long-blooming Knock Out Roses and Ornamental Grasses at the base of your Green Giant Thujas for the “finishing” touch!

2 Responses to “No More Nosy Neighbors – Fastest Growing Hedge Plant”

  • Dalia Schuitema:

    Thank you for this insightful information. My husband and I have a pool in our backyard and have been contemplating on what would grow the fastest for the quickest privacy possible. We’ll give this a go!!! Again, THank you GWM&C!

  • John W. Hollinhurst:

    Hey! Thuja Green GIANT (how ominous?)has not yet scared neighbors into quelling our disquietude, or have your KNOCK OUT Roses knocked any of them out yet!!!

    We move? Oh no! I’ve just planted a host of GreatGardenPlants here.

    (Submitted lightheartidly in a current heavily burdened country).

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