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Ribbons of Color in the Shade!

Heucheras for the Shade

Heucheras for the Shade

Here’s one of my favorite groups of Shade Perennials! Heucheras (or Coral Bells) have come a long way over the past 15 years due to the dedicated breeding programs of folks like Dan Heims of Terra Nova Nurseries.

Heuchera Southern Comfort

Heuchera Southern Comfort

These colorful shade lovers thrive with little care and provide a wonderful range of color to brighten up even the darkest shade spot in your garden. Heucheras come in an array of colors, sizes, & flowers. From the bright yellow leaves of Heuchera Lime Rickey to the intense peach of Heuchera Georgia Peach. The leaves of Heuchera Southern Comfort can reach an AMAZING 10” across, while the vivid red blooms of Heuchera Rave On create a flurry of color in the late spring garden.

Heucheras are easy to grow and thrive in most garden conditions. They love morning sun until 1pm, but will also grow in heavier shade. I usually fertilize my established Heucheras in mid April with Osmocote slow-release fertilizer (you can buy at any good garden center). I’ve found that 1 tablespoon of Osmocote scattered around each plant will feed them all spring & summer. Watering your Heucheras once a week will also help keep them happy.

4 Responses to “Ribbons of Color in the Shade!”

  • Very beautiful display of flowers. I have really been enjoying your blog posts. Sometimes I find different types of flowers to be difficult to grow. When I first started gardening, I would mess up quite a bit. Flowers take time and appreciation.

  • Hi!
    Thanks for your note & I’m glad to hear you like our blog. Mary, Heidi & I have a lot of fun coming up with creative blog ideas!
    Enjoy your spring!

  • Aika:

    Looks very cool with all the colors

  • Christine:

    Thankss for your. Fertilizing tips on coralbells. I have about 10 different varieties in my garden and just love them. I see a must have is the southern comfort. It is beautiful! Thanks!

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