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Ring of Fire Patio Container

Here’s a fun container garden idea I shot while visiting a garden in Portland, Oregon.

Ring of Fire Patio Container

Ring of Fire Patio Container

This colorful combination combines sun-tolerant Heuchera Peach Flambe with the drought-proof & sun-loving Sedum Mr. Goodbud.

A dynamic duo that is both low-maintenance and colorful – what more can you ask for?

I would simply water about once per week and if you’re in a good mood you could throw in a tablespoon of Miracle-Grow plant food in a gallon of water to really get the show going! But, if you just have to take that 2-week summer vacation, this pair of plants are especially forgiving and should be fine during your trip.

Some of my favorite perennials for creating colorful mixed containers include drought-proof Sedums, brilliant Heucheras, & architectural Ornamental Grasses.

One Response to “Ring of Fire Patio Container”

  • JT:

    Wow… what a neat idea! I will definitely have to do this and place on my patio. I love the color contrast.

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