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Garden Design with Shrubs & Perennials

Garden Design

Here’s a terrific landscape look & a great way to spruce up a foundation planting.  Tall Hydrangea shrubs give structure while Rudbeckia black-eyed susan, red daylilies add brilliant summer color.  There is a Miscanthus (ornamental grass) that is providing an anchor on the far end.

Notice how repeating plants in a garden design makes this design cohesive while using fewer  plants.  The foundation looks organized by repeating the flower colors.

Just the simple elements of repetition, along with contrast & color, with shrubs as a focal point are the basics  principles when it comes to  garden design.  Boy, is that getting me fired up about digging in again this year and reworking some haphhazard sections of my garden.  How about you?

4 Responses to “Garden Design with Shrubs & Perennials”

  • My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!

  • cyn mcdonald:

    i have learned more here than at any other internet sight-now instead of clicking around to get the right info- i just come here to learn- thank you and i can’t wait for my plant order to come-
    cyn mcdonald

  • Cynthia:

    This is the look I want to accomplish for my foundation plantings. Currently, I have the hydrangeas at the back of the plantings and I’m waiting to receive my Gallardias..fanfare and tizzy. I’m going to remove the boxwoods to make room for those and add some red daylilies. I’m so glad I found your company!

  • Kathie Heppert:

    What would you recommend for perennials to plant – part sun and mostly shade – that will bloom during various times during the year? This is for around a church. We have daffodils, then to follow with what? and what? all summer. Hydrangeas would need to be the kind we could trim, under windows. I am lost! Thank you

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