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About Heidi

My name is Heidi.  I’ve been working at Great Garden Plants since October of 2008.


About me

I grew up in the Ann Arbor, MI area.  In 2003 I was ready for a change of scenery and I moved to Grand Haven, MI.  I quickly joined the Grand Haven Area Jaycees.  We are a community service organization and are very active in our community.  Through the Jaycees I met my husband.  We were married in August of 2006.  Our daughter Megan will celebrate her first birthday this Wednesday.  How did the year go so quickly?

As a single person I chose to live in a condo.  It was great to have someone else mow the lawn and shovel the walk.  But, after getting married we decided we’d like a house to raise a family.  Last July, we moved into our new home.  I’m so excited that now I will get to plant a lot of the flowers I love from our website.  The last homeowners preferred green shrubs.  The good news is this gives me the opportunity to create the garden the way I want it.

I know a lot about our plants and shrubs, but I’m a beginning gardener.  I have the “book smarts,” now I just need the weather to warm up so I can start digging : )

My Grandfather had a green thumb.  Each summer the garden was his passion.  And each winter he went a little stir-crazy until it was warm out.  He had a wide variety of flowers, fruit trees and a massive vegetable garden.  Every time we would visit we would leave with a minimum of 2-3 brown paper bags full of vegetables.  His favorite flowers were roses and every time I see them I think of my Grandfather. Hopefully, I inherited some of that skill.

I love working at Great Garden Plants.  We have a lot of fun and I love learning all I can from Mary and Chris.  They have so much information about so many plants – it amazes me.  I will be taking you with me on my journey to change my yard from green to color.

Your Friend in Gardening,


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