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Viburnums – Versatile Deer Proof Flowering Shrub

Viburnum Mohawk tolerates pollution,road salt, high winds, humidity and is never the worse for wear

Clove scented spring flowering blooms

Viburnum Mohawk is a favorite low maintenance shrub.  I have been growing this spring flowering shrub for a few years now . I love how it looks  both in and out of bloom and how easy they are to grow. Viburnums are widely adaptable to  a wide variety of conditions – even alkaline soil. The only thing I do for maintenance is prune to shape (I’ll prune the lower branches so I can plant ground covers beneath)

Facts on Viburnum Mohawk:

  • Grows 8 feet tall by 10 feet wide
  • Fragrant flowers in spring
  • Fantastic fall color
  • Ideal Hedge Plant
  • Resistant to diseases
  • Stays handsome through the season
  • Spicy clove fragrant flowers
  • Berries in summer to attract songbirds
  • Adaptable to wind, salt spray, pollution, high humidity
  • Deer Proof
  • Drought Proof once established
  • Easy Care
  • Grows in Part Shade to Shade

Use Viburnum in the back of a perennial border, as a Hedge Plant or in a Foundation planting.  This easy care flowering shrub is a terrific fit for any garden.

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