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Sedum Garden Design -Plant and Forget Groundcover Solution

Drought proof Sedums need no maintenance but will remain colorful throughout the season

Sedums are one of the best groundcovers for sunny spots.  If you want to know how I spell easy gardening it is – SEDUM!

Sedums are long lived, require no maintenance, are easy to grow, have excellent drought tolerance and come in a wide variety of foliage and flower colors.

I love this picture sent in from my friend Bill from Saint Louis.  This planting located near a post office consists of a variety of colorful low growing sedums.  Brick always reflects heat back up towards plant which just seems to make these tough as nails drought proof groundcover even prettier!

Sedums are probably one of the BEST problem solving plants for tough spots where other plants fail to grow – even on hillsides and banks.   The only thing they need is good drainage.

Here are the varieties I would combine to achieve a similar foliage effect:

Voodoo  (red)
Angelina (yellow)
Blue Spruce  or cauticoloa (Blue)
Ellacombianum (green)

For even a quicker solution – try SedumSod – an easy mat that installs in seconds!

Here’s to easy gardening!  For more  on Sedums visit

Plants That Can Take Foot Traffic

Durable plants for Foot Traffic, Crevices, Nooks, Pathways & More

For those tough areas between flagstones, there are a select group of perennial ground cover plants that work well for these  areas while discouraging weeds. Make sure to select the right plant for light & water requirements.  Here are a few plants to consider that will tolerate various degrees of foot traffic and work well in crevices, nooks, pathways & more while adding beauty to your garden.

Ajuga can take foot traffic while spreading between stepping stones

Ajuga can take foot traffic while spreading between stepping stones

Ajuga Black Scallop or Ajuga Chocolate Chip Bugleweed or Ajuga is an evergreen ground cover with blue flowers in spring

Great for: Sun or Shade, beneath trees, lawn substitute, pathways, nooks, accents, containers.

Tolerates:  Dry Shade, Moist Shade

Anacyclus depressusMt. Atlas Daisy with attractive fern like foliage

Great for:  Sun,Dry, gritty areas, hot pathways, Rock Gardens, Edging, Small Spaces

Tolerates:  Deer, Drought, Heat

Isotoma fluviatilisBlue Star Creeper – Blooms all Summer Long – #1

Great for: Sun or Shade, Lawn substitute, Stepping Stones, Ponds, Patios, Containers, Crevices, Rock Garden, pathways

Tolerates: Deer, Drought, Rabbits, Pests


Lysimachia or Creeping Jenny

Lysimachia AureaCreeping Jenny (Evergreen)– super fast spreading, root at each node and hug the ground

Great for: Shade, Retaining walls, crevices, dry shade, moist shade, woodland area, accent, containers, lawn substitute

Tolerates: Moisture

Mazus reptansLow growing, fast spreading groundcover

Great for: Sun-Part Shade, Beneath shrubs, stones, small scale lawn substitute, patios, curbside

Tolerates: Moisture

Sagina subulata and Sagina subulata Aurea

Great for: Shade-Part Shade, Moist, well drained areas, Woodland Areas, Containers

Tolerates: Moist Shade

SedumSod™Easy, INSTANT groundcover!

SedumSod provides INSTANT RESULTS !  One of the best drought proof plants on the market today!

Great for: Sun-Part Shade, Lawn Substitute, flagstones, pavers, Patio, Slopes, DIY projects

Tolerates: Drought, Heat

Thymus woolylow growing evergreen with silver foliage

Great for: Sun, Crevices, retaining walls, rock garden, curbside, Slopes, Pathways, Patio, Lawn substitute, containers

Tolerates:  Drought

Veronica Waterperry Blue low growing and fast spreader

Great for:  Sun, Part Shade, Beneath Trees, Shrubs, slopes, retaining walls, rock garden, containers,

Tolerates:  Drought, Dry Shade

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SedumSod – Enjoy 4 seasons of color with drought proof mats of Sedum!

SedumSod - 15 x 20" Color mat of Sedums for instant color virtually anywhere!

SedumSod™ gives you a speedy and simplified approach to gardening and its beautiful anywhere!

Within minutes you can turn an unsightly area in your garden into a tapestry of color with easy to grow drought-proof Sedum color mats.

Sedums are the ultimate perennial!  They have minimal water needs and a shallow root system that make them ideal to use in a sod-like mat.  Light weight mats installs in seconds!  Simply place in an area that gets a minimum of 4 hours of direct sun a day.  Fully adaptable to the harshest of conditions – summer heat, wind & little water!

Up to 13 hand selected groundcover Sedums were carefully selected for growth, color and beauty in your garden or projects

Both Chris & I have customized this unique blend of up to 13 varieties of groundcover Sedums that you won’t find anywhere else!  Our pre established sod mats measure 15” x 20” and are comprised of the right balance of soil & Sedums varieties.  The polyester fabric easily removes for quick installation in any landscape!

I’ve had so much fun with these mats! I have decorated my front entry door with them, used them as a centerpiece on my patio table – even hung them up!  The ultimate test was when I left mats on hot asphalt driveway where they received no water and they never looked the worse for wear.

Ideas on how to use SedumSod™

  • Small scale lawn replacement
  • Groundcover at the edge of a hot, dry bed
  • Banks and slopes
  • Plant in cracks and crevices
  • Areas inhospitable to other plants
  • Living wreaths, dog & bird house roofs, dish garden
  • Decorate patios and front entryways
  • Creative DIY projects
  • Instant splash of color – anywhere!

SedumSod™ is the most colorful mat you’ll ever want to own. No fuss, no muss and say goodbye to gardening hassles!

View our VIDEO

Sun Perennial Garden Design Idea

Easy sun perennial combination for a small space or container garden

Here is a sun perennial combination idea for your garden with 3 easy to grow garden plants

For season long interest I like using perennial plants that will give me 3 seasons of foliage color.

I love the new cherry red SEDUM  (Sunsparkler) CHERRY TART and pairing this with the blue foliage of FESTUCA for a front of the border planting.

For long season flowering color, I added COREOPSIS STAR CLUSTER which grows up to 15″ – so plant in the back). Star Cluster picks up the deep red color in the center.  Another alternative to Star Cluster would be a yellow flowering Coreopsis such as Creme Brule or Moonbeam.

All these perennials are easy to grow in full sun and well drained soil while providing season long interest in your perennial garden.

What would you combine Sedum Cherry Tart with?

Easy Garden Design with Drought Proof Plants

Few plant varieties create big impact in this sun loving perennial border

Here’s a simple and EASY Garden Design idea using sun loving drought proof plants that look attractive throughout the growing season.

This garden landscape uses only a few type of plants.  Ornamental Grasses (Miscanthus) create a hedge effect by add height and interest in the background. Sedum Autumn Joy provides midsize interest while the bed is edged in ground cover Sedum.

This island bed requires low water and little maintenance while creating a welcoming entryway and some privacy from a busy and noisy road.

By late summer, Autumn Joy Sedum will be bursting with color while the ornamental grasses develop showy plumes that last well into fall.  Both plants add wonderful interest to the winter garden.

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