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Growing Hellebores – Culture & Care

Hellebores are regarded as one of the best deer-proof shade plants. A harbinger of spring with an array of colorful blooms in either single or double forms.   Watch this video for helpful tips on achieving long lasting Lenten Rose blooms in your shade garden. Click Here for more helpful information on growing Hellebores and see why this is one of our shade garden favorites!

Top 4 Reasons to Grow Hellebores!

Reason #1 – They are 99.9% deer proof!

Helleborus Brushstrokes

Helleborus Brushstrokes

This group of plants quickly became my favorite flowering shade plant about 15 years ago. During my 10 years of living in heavily deer-infested South Carolina, I learned that deer will not touch Hellebores. I had over 2,000 mature Hellebore plants in my garden and you could SEE the deer hoof-prints where they walked right past them without a single munch! Of course, the Hydrangeas & Hostas next to the Hellebores were not so lucky. But, I can’t say they’re 100% deer proof because I’m sure there is some mutated deer somewhere in the country that will take a taste test.

Reason #2Hellebores are highly drought proof

Hellebores are the perfect shade plant for under mature oak trees. They can tolerate long periods of drought with little to no water. The heavy roots of the oak trees don’t seem to dissuade the Hellebores or hurt their growth in any way.

Helleborus London Fog

Helleborus London Fog

Reason #3 – They bloom in winter when little else is in bloom

Most Hellebores begin blooming in February or March across the country. Their beautiful pink, yellow, black, green, and spotted flowers make wonderful combinations with bright yellow-flowered Daffodils and white Snowdrops.

Reason #4 – Flowers can be used as cut flowers for 10 days

Helleborus as Cut Flowers

Helleborus as Cut Flowers

Few people realize that Hellebore flowers can be cut and floated in a shallow dish of water where they will last up to 10 days. I’ve visited friends’ homes where they used a stunning array of Hellebore flowers floating in shallow crystal dishes for table centerpieces. Perfect conversation starter at dinner!

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