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Christmas Eve and Oranges & Lemons

Oranges and Lemons Gaillardia

Oranges and Lemons & Christmas Eve

A December email I received from Dianne S. in California is a nice reminder that Christmas plants go beyond the traditional Poinsettias, particularly if you live in California.  Dianne writes:  We planted Gaillardia Oranges & Lemons last spring and ignored it.  We’ve just had a very unusual rainy spell.  Many of the plants that do bloom this time of year have suffered and have a few blooms, but are a bit bedraggled.  It is Christmas Eve and the Oranges and Lemons Gaillardia is the brightest spot in the yard.  It has grown quite large and is just full of large brightly colored blooms.  (It hasn’t stopped blooming since we planted it in the spring).  You might not think of it as a Christmas plant, but it is helping my Christmas spirit.

Thank you Dianne for a terrific tribute to a persistent long blooming perennial and that your nurturing spirit has not been dampened by the unrelenting rainfall you’ve been experiencing.

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