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Red Hot Dicentra Blooms All Summer

Burning Hearts Dicentra

Burning Hearts Bleeding Heart

Dicentra Burning hearts09

Red flowers & Blue foliage are stunning!

Dicentra Burning Hearts is one of the BEST FLOWERING SHADE PERENNIALS to make its way on the market in recent years.

I’ve  seen a few different Dicentra in my day  (my father patented Dicentra Luxuriant way back when)  and this is one of the best one ever.

So many of you ask.….what flowers  all summer in the shade? How about Spring-Fall?  Give it was it loves, consistent moisture and good, well-drained soil  along with protection from the hot afternoon sun and you are on the way.

This attractive fern-leaf Bleeding Heart is a cross between D. peregrina, D. formosa, and D. eximia from Japanese breeder Akira Shiozaki. D. peregrina has intensely beautiful blue foliage but difficult to grow so he crossed it with eximia from North America.  So what does this all mean? Where other Dicentra Burning Hearts08 (17)Dicentras melt down or go summer dormant, Burning Hearts continues to grow robustly even in the HEAT of  summer looking mighty fine and blooming its lovely heart-shaped head off until fall.

Dicentra Burning Hearts is a must have perennial that will add some sizzle to your shade garden.

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